Reasons for poor-quality bildings

A lot of people wonder why problemsstart appearingjusta few years after construction or renovationwork. These problemscan adversely affect the reputation of the construction company that performed the work.

There are several reasons why these problems happen.

The most common are:

  • Finding and opting for the cheapest deal
  • Lack of knowledge about:


suitabilityfor use and properties of materials

technological processes


new technologies

  • Project quality


Finding and opting for the cheapest deal

Today, everybody wants the highest quality at the lowest price, which is not realistic.We may havea certain expected price range, but as a general rule, the lowest quotes are not priced specifically for an order but indicatively on previoussimilar contracts. Workers thenrush to doeverything as quickly as possible, despite all construction stages having their own technological processes, and surprises spring up over time because these processes werehurried. Loosening tiles, leaks, cracking walls, ceilings and floors are some of the most visible annoyances. Or, some companies quote prices honestlyfor all materials and activities while other companies forget to price certain items, andthus acquire a price advantage. However, this price advantage guarantees that these shortcomings will come to light during project implementation, and only two outcomes are possible. First, these omissions are charged to the investor, and the price is equal to or perhaps exceedsthe price honestly quoted by other companies or companies that are trying to save money elsewhere. Saving costs on materials and thus deteriorating the quality of the final building or accelerating construction processes are the most common ways of completing construction. The first example is the better choice, although investors do not like increasing their budget, but it is always a better way than having a poorly realized final structure, whose shortcomings will eventually become apparent and ultimately, over time,make construction even more expensive.

Construction work should not be thought of as a commodity and is different to purchasing goods. For example, you could choose a certain brand and type of phone and then find out where to buy it for the best price. This is okay, because we all know it comes from the same manufacturer and in the same quality.It doesn’t work that way when it comes to delivering services, however.

It should be emphasized that the building itself is not only about the final outcome of the building but involves an entirerange of processes. These processes are not visible to ordinary people but are reflected in the final price of the project. They involve pre-project preparation, preparing and compiling project documentation, pricing, selecting building materials that optimize the price-quality ratio, the construction works itself, and one of the most important aspects, coordination of construction by the site manager. In some cases, site managers observe each other’s sites to detect as many adverse aspects as possible. In short, construction supervision is not simply some kind of formal paperwork, but a matter of leading a building to completion by a genuine expert in the field.


Lack of knowledge

Many companies do not have the knowledge to perform construction work in the required extent. It isn’t because they may not be trying to do a good job, butto do good construction work, a basic knowledge of technological procedures, construction operations, material properties and staying up to datewith new technologies is a necessity. Of course, a lot of experience is a great thing, but experience is from the past, and the times, technology, and materials are always moving forward. Today, we can achievehigher quality structures much more easily, and much lower costs in construction processes and operations.


Project quality

The quality of a project is an entire issue in itself. We know that if we are looking for a designer or architect, we can simply look onsome internet forums and find out “how much someone charged” for a project and then find someone who will do your project for a similar price. Each building’s project is as individual as is its price. One thing should be emphasized.Today, you can buy a catalogue ofproject family housesvery cheaply. You don’t even have to leave your house, because a lot of things can be found on the internet and everything can be delivered to your mailbox. However, these projects are catalogued and sold several times. One catalogue may be sold around 10–20 times. This makes it possible to sell these projects below the cost of production. It isn’t important to make money from the first customer, because the seller will earn several times more from 10–20.

The designer who createsthe architectural component of the project and communicates with the client arranges all the work to do with the project and does not get even half of the final price, not to mention the fact that the remaining part is subject to taxes, etc. The other parts of the projectare done by experts in statics, health care technology, etc. Printing of all documentation in several copies required for the investor and authorities is also necessary. Thedesigner’s price for the project is then pushed down so that it is basicallyonlypossible to devote enough time to the project in order to obtaina building permit, yet all the imperfections show up in construction. The construction company then has a number of problems,as it needs to contact the designer to deal with changes in the project, which ultimately delayssupervision of the construction and extends construction time.

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